AIR CONDITIONING : Supply ,Design, Repairing/ Overhauling & Installation of following: · Condenser (Air & Water Cooled) · Retrofitting /Conversion · Compressor (New/ Overhauled) · Oil Separators · Split AC · Liquid Receivers & Retainers · Safety Cutouts· Expansion Valves · Evaporator Coils / Steam Heaters · Solenoid Valves · Control Panel / Starter Box REFRIGERATION : Supply ,Design, Repairing/ Overhauling & Installation of following:· Condenser (Air & Water Cooled) · Retrofitting /Conversion · Compressor (New/ Overhauled) · Liquid Receivers & Retainers · Safety Cutout · Expansion Valves · Evaporator Coils / Steam Heaters · Solenoid Valves · Control Panel / Starter Box DE-HUMIDIFICATION :Repairing/ Overhauling & Installation of following, for Radar Room & Captain’s Bridge / Wheel House: · Compressed Air Dehumidifiers · Dehumidifiers MECHANICAL : Mechanical Parts services and maintenance · Lathe Machine Works · Fabrication · Fabrication of Machine Parts · Water Pumps Overhauling · Sea Water Pumps (Repair & Supply) · Compressor Overhauling · Repacking bearing · Interleaving of the cover housing · Sand blasting ELECTRICAL : · Designing & Repairing of Electrical Control Panels · Designing & Repairing of PCB’s · Repairing & Maintenance of Electronic Devices & Cards · Safety Control Panels · Designing, planning and making new electrical panels · Repairing of Old Panels · All kind of Troubleshooting of Generators , motors etc. · AVR Generator repairing · Re-Varnishing of the motor,generators etc.

Marine Services

RASCO is a specialist in the maintenance & repairs of Marine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning systems. We provide service to the UAE marine industry from the year of 1983. We do repairs, maintenance, installation and replacement of Air Conditioning systems and Reefer Systems for all brands namely Bitzer, Carrier, York, Carrier, Stall , Bock, Trane, SKM, Daikin etc. for Rigs, Barges, Reefer Ships, Off Shore Platforms, Supply Vessels, Yachts and Cruisers. we will complete, on-time and within budget, projects such as:

  • Onshore and offshore service & maintenance of HVACR systems
  • Maintenance & service of all kinds of air conditioning & refrigeration equipment
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Supply and Installation of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipments.
  • Re- furbishment, Upgrading Systems.
  • Service and Maintenance of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipments.
  • Emergency Breakdown Service Call Outs.
  • Supply as well as Overhauling of all types of Compressors.
  • System Conversions.
  • Spare Parts Supplies.
  • Fabrication and Installation of Ducting.

After using a certain period, overhauling the compressor is required to prevent breakdowns, maintain comfort and extend the service life of your hard-working H.V.A.C.R equipment. Overhauls are pro-active measures to return system performance back to factory condition efficiency, assuring many years of trouble-free operation.

RASCO’s Compressor overhauling includes a complete strip down and clean of the compressor all parts are checked for damage and all tolerances recorded and checked according to manufacturer’s recommendations. The compressor is then rebuild replacing any worn or faulty parts to the exact OEM recommended standard .In cases where rotors or Crankshaft are found to be above manufacturers recommended wear limits these can be precision machined back to the original standard. From a motor rewind to a complete rebuild including a new crank shaft.

RASCO has been providing quality AC and DC electric motor service and repair for more than 35 years. We service equipment of all manufacturers, in a wide range of industries, including Marine, utilities, pulp and paper, metals, cement, transportation, oil fields and general industrial companies

Motor Rewinding

RASCO services include complete testing failure analysis, rebuilding/repairing AC and DC motors, stator rewinds and upgrades of motor windings and full on-site servicing capabilities.

Our services range from basic reconditions to complete rebuilds:

  • Basic reconditioning
  • Stator rewinds
  • Rotor bar replacement/repair
  • Armature & wound rotor rewind
  • Stator and rotor core restack
  • Rotor shaft maintenance, balancing and servicing
  • Bearing replacement
  • Electrical testing

On-Site Services

Many large motors and generators require on-site services because they are too large to be moved, their location makes it physically impossible to “pull” the unit, or there is not enough time to remove the unit for service without dramatically impacting production. RASCO offers expert on-site motor services, including:

  • roubleshooting/failure analysis
  • Electrical testing
  • Motor circuit analysis
  • Installation and start-up

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing helps you schedule outages and minimize emergencies. RASCO can provide a full line of diagnostic testing services, both in our service centers and at your site. We have qualified engineers and skilled technicians to evaluate and diagnose all your motor related problems, including:

  • Full voltage testing
  • Load testing
  • Core loss evaluation
  • Motor circuit analysis

Transformer Rewinding

  • Our transformer rewind service will follow this basic project plan:
  • On-site testing and consultation
  • De-commissioning and transportation to our service centre
  • De-tanking of transformer core
  • Removal of damaged coils
  • Rewinding as per specifications
  • Delivery, installation, testing and commissioning